Well, I had a great weekend. I wasn’t able to do any knitting. But my whole family was here for my end of fellowship celebration. Friday night we went to a great dinner. Saturday, Ashley and H arrived. After lunch, we all went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit. It was absolutely gorgeous. I got a new camera, an SLR film camera. And I used it to take lots of pictures of the exhibit. But can’t share them, cause I haven’t had them developed. We walked around the rest of the park, and we found some sheep.

H liked them. Especially their shiny ears.

He had fun on the old fashined buggy too.

Saturday night we had a soiree. Dinner and dancing. This is all the people I work with

It was a great weekend. Not long enough, but fun. I promise more knitting in the next post.
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  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun! : )

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