SP9 Contest

Well, my SP9 hostess has posted a little contest for her SP9 participants. She has asked us to post out Best Finished Object. So I can’t say that this is the most exciting thing, but I have to post this fine pair. Cause it really is the only pair that I have completely finished. I am very proud of them. They were given as a gift, so I don’t know how they have held up. But I loved knitting with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn. So here they are


More news soon.

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2 Responses to SP9 Contest

  1. I can see why you love them! Great colorway, do you remember which one you used?

  2. your secret pal says:

    They are beautiful socks. I’m sorry I have not been in touch, there have been circumstances beyond my control (I can’t give you any clues as I would pop right up on Google as the only knitter with this, that and they other happening) but things have calmed down. I will make it up to you when I start sending you packages.
    Knit away!

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