Alright, I am going to turn over a new leaf. And start blogging again. I have been blah in my life and I need to turn that over. I have been knitting. When I was in San Francisco for a conference in February, I went to artfibers. What a great place. I needed a break from rows and rows of medical posters and it was raining (it didn’t stop the whole time I was there). What a great store, tons of great different fibers. And I was in a buying mood. So they had a great cardigan on the mannequin when you first walked in, and I loved it. But I picked a completely different yarn. Then I sat down and started knitting on the needles they had lying around and knit up a gauge swatch. Then they put my gauge into the computer, calculated my pattern based on a few measurements, and voila, I had a custom sweater ready to knit with the exact amount of yarn calcualted.  It has been great fun to knit. I wil have to take pictures when it is not so dark in here and then you can see it!

More soon

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  1. Katie says:

    OOooooh, artfibers! I have some lovely yarn from there, but I’ve never been. I’ve been eager for another trip to San Fran so I can spend an afternoon or so there. The silk chai yarn is amazing. What yarn did you eventually buy? Oh, I can’t knit the second of a pair of sock either. Thanks for sharing your blog!

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