I am not MIA

Well, I promised a month ago that I was going to turn over anew leaf and actually blog. Well that hasn’t happened. I have been overwhelmed with work. And I have a big test coming up at the end of June. This is my subspecialty board certification exam – at least the written part of it. So in all my spare time I have been studying. I haven’t studied this much since I was in medical school. And I much prefer vegging in front of the television.

I have taken this week as vacation, and I have been studying every day. And I can tell you, I have found some neat coffee shops in the city. Initially, my plan had been to rent a car and go somewhere quiet to study. Then I decided to save some money and stay here in the city. So Monday I went to 71 Irving Place, a neat coffee shop near Union Square. Tuesday it was off the the Upper East side to DT, UT. That was fun. They are very different. Yesterday I went to Blue Spoon Coffee which is downtown. That was cause I went to Nobu for dinner last night. Boy was that good. Today I decided against a coffee shop for themorning and went and sat at the tables in Bryant Park. The weather has been great. And I have taken a bunch of long walks as study breaks. Right now I am waiting at Starbucks for one of the residents – we have to talk abot her research project.

I have had the opportunity to knit some this week. I never thought I would be able to study and knit at the same time. So I grabbed some stockinette and gave it a try. And it works. I can’t be concentrating too hard to memorize something, but if I am reviewing something that I know pretty well, then I can knit away. I will post some progress pics soon – I promise.

I have had a rough few weeks at work, so this vacation was much needed. I hope all is well with everyone out there in blogland. Enjoy the long weekend.

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5 Responses to I am not MIA

  1. pam says:

    Glad to see you are enjoying the city and the beautiful spring weather. Sorry the last few months have been so stressful, hopefully after your exam you’ll be more at ease. Still want to come up there this summer to see you and the Yankees! Enjoy the rest of your work break! p

  2. Katie says:

    What a great week to take off to study! And fun that you’re taking the “coffee house tour.” I wish people here in the office would accept that I CAN proofread AND knit garter stitch ~ would make work much better. Good luck on the test! Sorry I couldn’t make JL for graduation ~ it was Ben’s b’day. If you ever want to meet to knit on Fridays (or other days for that matter), let me know!

  3. ashley says:

    miss you. wish you could have come to vb with us. talk to you soon.

  4. you’ll rock your test girl! Hope your able to have some more veg time when its over. A coffee house tour sounds like fun!

  5. ladylungdoc says:

    Good luck with the boards! Just think how great it will be to be completely done with it.

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