Well, there are some perks to living in NYC. I live in a part of the city that is not frequently visited by celebrities. But me uncle is in town and we decided to go to dinner on Restaurant Row. We went to a place called Joe Allen. We had great food, but we had to sit at the bar, cause we didn’t have reservations. A group of people came and sat next to us who were from Oklahoma. They said they came there cause they heard it was a place to spot celebrities. We had not seen any, but only 5 minutes later Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller walked out. These folks were so excited. One of them ran behind them to get their picture. I realize how nice anonymity is.

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  1. ashley says:

    Isn’t that where you and mom saw Kevin Spacey?
    You’re catching up to me on the celebrity sightings. Hope you had fun. Sorry we couldn’t make it.

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