Buy a $10 waffle iron….

….and get a 10 minute waffle.  I have been wanting a waffle iron but haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money on it. I found one at Target that was $9.99. So I said – I can get that one.

So this morning I decided to make Buckwheat waffles. I have some Arrowhead Buckwheat pancake and waffle mix. I mixed it up. I love the way that the buckwheat tastes. I figured I would mix up enough for 4, that is what the recipe says it will make.

So the first ones looked like this – after 10 minutes of cooking.

Not really worth eating and not cooked all the way through. I thought maybe I hadn’t filled the plates with enough. The next batch was a bit better, but took just as long. I decided to eat those while I cooked the last. Covered them with some fig preserves, half a banana, and some slivered almonds. It was yummy.

The last bit made the best waffle of them all. But I ate my whole breakfast and cleaned up the plate before it was finished. (And it wasn’t that I ate it that fast.)

Lesson learned – it may be worth a few extra bucks to get a better iron.

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  1. madalyn says:

    Hm… odd that it didn’t work so well, even if it was just a $10 waffle iron! My waffle iron is on its last leg, I’m afraid, but I’m holding out for as long as I can. Someday, though, I’ll spring for a new one!

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