Southern cooking

This morning I went to the farmers market. It was cloudy and humid, but it was a good scene. The market here in Baltimore is a bit odd. It sits underneath the highway in downtown. So while you peruse the produce and kettle corn, you can hear the cars bumping along over head. But despite the fumes that you breath while you are searching for good food, it is a great place. Today I went a little later than usual and it was CROWDED. But I quickly got my goods and headed home. I had brunch plans with some friends.

I bought some collard greens today at the market. Now, I grew up in Virginia, but we didn’t eat greens that often. But they looked good, and they had no swiss chard, which is what I wanted. So collards it was. Tonight I decided that I wanted to eat them. So I brewed up some ham hock, threw in the collards.

I also had a pork loin in the freezer that I pulled out earlier today. I marinated it in some ginger honey marinade, seared it in the pan and then roasted it in the oven. While I cooked, Fiona wanted to be some groceries.

When it was all finished, I added some brown rice and quinoa from Seeds of Change (90 seconds in the microwave) and dinner was served.

I have decided that I need to eat at the table more, rather than on the sofa. So I set a place, and enjoyed my meal with some wine. Yum.

So here is to documenting my healthy meal for tonight. Now I am off to bed. I am fighting a bit of a sore throat.

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