Crazy day

Today was a typical Tuesday, out of the house by 7am, and home at 6:30 pm. Makes it tough to do anything healthy for yourself, let alone fix healthy meals. That is one thing I need to work on, but when I am home after 11 hours at work, it is hard to think about cooking. So I should plan better.

Breakfast this morning was strawberry yogurt, with some local home made granola (sorry no pictures). And lunch was a salad with some chicken strips. Nothing exciting. Despite my lack of energy for making dinner, I did put together a dinner that wasn’t too bad. A portabella gardenburger with a salad made from fixins from the farmer’s market (heirloom tomato and spring mix) in addition to half an avocado. With some Annie’s naturals red pepper vinaigrette. It was yummy. Will take more pictures later.

If anyone has any other quick suggestions for meals, please let me know.

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