My visit to the Big Apple

So, I have no healthy eating things to post. And no knitting, although I have been knitting some. And I have had a lazy day. But I will update you all on my trip last weekend to NYC. Now see, last Sunday was my birthday. And I decided to spend my day – and the weekend – in the city. I woke up early Saturday morning, hopped on the train and arrived in the Big Apple all before 9am. It was great to be back in the city. It was a crisp, fall day, and I loved it.

I hit one snag – the 1 train was running on the wrong tracks. And I ran up the stairs to what I thought was the uptown train and then went express to 14th street. UGH. So I got on the next available uptown train, made it to 23rd street, and sat for 10 minutes. So I decided I had had enough and hopped of the train and took a cab to 83rd St. to my friends apartment. That was the low point of the weekend, which was good.

I stayed with my college roommate in NYC. She moved to the city about a year ago, and our goal was to see things neither of us had seen before. Saturday, I decided I wanted to see the Cloisters. Although she had been there many times, I had never been and she was happy to oblige.  We had a guest, but he was too fast for me to get his face.

It is a beautiful location. On the top corner of Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson and NJ across. Two weeks ago the colors would have been gorgeous.

We saw some amazing works of medieval art. All of the intricate detail in some of the small pieces.

We then met another friend of mine for dinner at Plein Sud in Tribeca. Great food and great company. And an early birthday celebration.

Sunday, I woke up early and my friend slept late. So I ventured out to explore her neighborhood. I went to Joe’s coffee, with a line out the door for lattes at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. I was able to snag a table and drank my coffee while I read my book. I am currently reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I will review it later. When she woke up, she called and we went to EJ’s for brunch. I had the multigrain pancakes, which were just ok. A little doughy for my liking, but I ate them non-the-less. Our place you’ve never been to on Sunday was to Brooklyn. We decided to go to the art galleries in Williamsburg. We took the wrong train, and therefore had about a half a mile walk to the first gallery. We saw some interesting work. My favorite was a gallery galled Figureworks. In fact, I may call them and buy one of the pieces we saw. The only photos I took on Sunday were these – a voyeurs look into someone else’s life.

That night, we went to Bagatelle for dinner. That was an adventure in and of itself. It turns into a night club, and it didn’t disappoint on Halloween night. And a great birthday treat.

Monday was low key, and I headed back to Baltimore. The rest of my vacation week has been filled with NOTHING! Which is what I needed. But now it is back to the grind. And to trying for some healthy living.

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