Secret Pal 5 strikes

I got home Monday night (yeah, I know I am a little late, but I have been busy this week), and a package was waiting for me. It was 4 different sock yarns from my secret pal! I know that she is from Canada. I am happy to have someone North of the Border. I’ve always wanted and international pen pal. Now I better get back on the sock band wagon. I’ll take a picture later — I can’t find my camera. One is red, one is green, two are striped. I am excited to get some socks for me to wear. Thanks SP.

But for now, I am slowly getting started on my baby gift. I hope that it works out okay. I am a little nervous about this yarn, but it is very soft. I think it will be okay, but I have been worrying a lot lately.

As for my academic tragedy, thanks for all the sympathy, and I am sorry to cause any panic attacks. It is kind of cathartic to talk about it. Also glad to know that those note cards still get lots of use.

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