Southern cooking

This morning I went to the farmers market. It was cloudy and humid, but it was a good scene. The market here in Baltimore is a bit odd. It sits underneath the highway in downtown. So while you peruse the produce and kettle corn, you can hear the cars bumping along over head. But despite the fumes that you breath while you are searching for good food, it is a great place. Today I went a little later than usual and it was CROWDED. But I quickly got my goods and headed home. I had brunch plans with some friends.

I bought some collard greens today at the market. Now, I grew up in Virginia, but we didn’t eat greens that often. But they looked good, and they had no swiss chard, which is what I wanted. So collards it was. Tonight I decided that I wanted to eat them. So I brewed up some ham hock, threw in the collards.

I also had a pork loin in the freezer that I pulled out earlier today. I marinated it in some ginger honey marinade, seared it in the pan and then roasted it in the oven. While I cooked, Fiona wanted to be some groceries.

When it was all finished, I added some brown rice and quinoa from Seeds of Change (90 seconds in the microwave) and dinner was served.

I have decided that I need to eat at the table more, rather than on the sofa. So I set a place, and enjoyed my meal with some wine. Yum.

So here is to documenting my healthy meal for tonight. Now I am off to bed. I am fighting a bit of a sore throat.

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A new start

Well, I am starting a new leaf, and picking up this blog again. Yet, it is going to be more than just a knitting blog. I have had little time in my busy life to knit. But I need to keep my self on track of living healthily. And I have discovered the joy of photography. So I am going to utilize this to explore healthy eating, photos, knitting and other crafty things that I engage in. I hope that this is a great way to keep me accountable to being me, in the life I live which seems to be forever focused on work.

So on the knitting front, I picked up to UFO’s the other day, in order to make more order in my life. And I have finished my Irish Hiking Scarf, the I have no idea when I started it.

I love the red color, but the 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk didn’t make a very long scarf. I need to wash it and block it, but I won’t be using it for a while. TOO HOT.
Well, I will be here more often, I hope. There will be some changed around here too as far as appearance goes, and hopefully some other things. So here is to new beginnings.
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I have a new toy

So, about a month ago I decided I wanted to get one of these.

My new toy

So I went to a couple of stores and decided in this basic Bernette for Bernina machine. It is just the basics. But I am not sure how much I will like it. Last weekend I picked it up. And it has been on the table awaiting me to have the nerve to sit down and figure it out. So today, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics, bought some scissors, pins and fat quarters and this evening I sat down and figured it out. Here are the goodies.

The goodies

After I realized I could sew close to a straight line, I decided to make the checkbook cover that is in the book, Weekend Sewing.

Here it is all pinned and ready to be sewn together, then the finished project.

All pinnedTa Da!

I haven’t put away the needles. But I think that I am going to like this sewing thing.

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I have a finished object!

Well, I have not been knitting much. But I do finally have a FO. And I love it. I bought to Going Straight hat book in the summer, and bought some great Blue Sky Alpaca to make a hat. And this weekend I finished it. And it has inspired me to pick up some other UFO’s and will be working on them. So the only camera I could find to take a picture of my hat is the web cam on my computer – it is not great, and really shows the circles under my eyes. But here it is. I promise a better picture soon.


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Bird Watching

This was last evening

Bird Watching

The birds in the tree out back have been beautiful


If only I knew how I could save the molding on the window.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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Crazy Cats 101

A couple of months ago I bought a bird feeder. I have great windows in my kitchen, and I thought that a bird feeder would be fun and good entertainment for the cats. It took weeks before the birds started coming, and in the last couple of weeks a lot of them have come. I have had to fill the feeder twice in the last 2 weeks.

But in addition to the birds liking the seed, the cats have enjoyed watching. And today this is how I found Fiona!

Yep, that is not mid air, she is stuck to the window – jumped up and holding onto the panes. I wish I could figure out how to keep her from doing that. But I don’t want to take down the feeder either. She is crazy. Isaac enjoys watching too, but hasn’t tried to jump up. Here she is in waiting:

No knitting to report. but maybe I will get something done today.

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I have no knitting to report. I seem to be a bit apathetic about picking up the needles. Not sure why.

But I can report I have found another way to use my time in a creative way. I bought a new camera! The fancy kind. Today I decided to explore the trails of the Patapso Valley State Park and try it out.

As I dodged the mountain bikers, I was able to get a few good shots. Now I need to learn all of the features.

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I am alive!

So I haven’t been knitting much. Just haven’t been in the mood. But today I picked up one of my UFO’s and now of looks like this. (see photo below)

Notice anything? No needles. I just need to block the 5 pieces and seam it up. I have had an FO in a long time :).

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This is dangerous

Well, I must admit I’m a bit of a tech junkie. Not too bad. But I did buy an iPhone in March. I’m a bit disappointed about the newer version at a lower price. But I have been happy with the new apps. And today I went to the app store and found that wordpress has an iPhone app. So this post I’m making from my phone!

I have started my cable tank. I started it when I went to the charm city knits group last week. Not a great project to start there, since I was concentrating so much on counting stitches and cable patterns that I couldn’t talk much. But I will go back! With a better project. It was great to meet some new people in my new city.

Just wanted to leave you with a picture of Fiona’s favorite spot.

Have a great Saturday.



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Moving Stinks

My apartment right now looks like a bomb went off. The guys came to pack up my stuff in order to move me tomorrow. I HATE moving. But at least I have a cute house to look forward too.

And maybe I will get some knitting done today.

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